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A Little Bit of Work Advice

April 25, 2013

The other day a friend posted a question to Facebook, "what career advice/knowledge do you wish you would have known as you began working?" Interesting question. Here you go.

The other day a Facebook friend posted a question, “what career advice/knowledge do you wish you would have known as you began working?” Interesting question. Here you go.

Don’t talk, at least not too soon

When starting a new job don’t feel the need to jump right into conversations. You new team probably has a few people that have been around for a while and are probably good at their jobs. So just listen for a while. Don’t put them off by piping up too quick.

What’s the quote, “Better to let people think your stupid than to open your mouth and prove it.” Learn first, talk second.

Process flaws are off the table

DO NOT POINT OUT FLAWS IN YOUR NEW TEAMS PROCESS. Even though you may see them or have a way to handle it better, LEAVE IT ALONE. Nothing will put them off faster, not even speaking too much too soon.

Prove yourself

See the above 2, and prove yourself first. Pick a project that needs done, be creative, be detailed and do it. This will let your team know you have intelligence and skill and open the door for you to start talking.

Negativity Sucks

Don’t be negative. There are ways to approach every issue in a positive manner.

Have a solution

If you see a problem, solve it, then present both. Pointing out a problem without a possible solution will just piss people off. Odds are the problem you are pointing out was created by people you are working with.

People in the wrong job

It happens, more than it should. Don’t let it get to you. Help them, mentor them, train them. You’ll gain a friend.

Change your mind

It means your learning. I can’t take credit for this though, saw it on the 37 Signal blog and loved it. Some of the best advice I’ve ever read.

Learn, Learn, Learn

Your are good at what you do, but there are always new things to learn. Take advantage of it, don’t be afraid of it. You won’t hurt anything. Dive in head first.

Be careful of Instant Messenger

I have great story … maybe some other time. Just ALWAYS pay attention to who your message is being sent to.


It’s easy to over complicate and hard to keep it simple. But simple will allow you to change quickly, and you WILL have to change quickly.

I like this. It will help me remember too. More to come …

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