Andrew Wolfe

Helping feoMike

April 20, 2013

Some really good experience gained, with design, with maps, and with github. Had a great time working on it with him. And would do it again, ANYTIME.

A co-worker of mine, feoMike (aka Mike Byrne) who is the FCC’s Chief GIS guy, asked me for a little help with his personal site.

He wanted to run off of Github using gh-pages. I forked Mike’s repo, feo.github.com, and started working. Since I had Jekyll installed locally, I was up and running pretty quickly. This saves me from have to push to see changes … over and over and over. I simply run the build locally, make sure it checks out ok, push to my repo and send the pull request to Mike.

Check it out. And yes, I do realize it’s a lot like this site. More to come though.

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