Andrew Wolfe

It Really is the Same Everywhere

April 20, 2013

I recently bought a pop-up camper so my family (wife, 2 daughters, and dog) and I can begin to enjoy camping again. A couple of mishaps happened during the process and in conversations with the salesman I realized that we all go through the SAME THINGS.

During a recent purchase of a new pop-up camper we can across a few mishaps.

  • the igniter for the gas was busted (technical term)
  • the lock didn’t work (turned out to be the wrong key)
  • the extension cord to charge the battery was missing

Just get the job done

The last issue is what started the conversation. Because of the other issues the salesman was going to give me the extension cord and he used the lines “I just want to get it done now. You’ve been through enough with this already and if I go ‘by the book’ it will take forever to get you something you need and should have had in the first place.”

WOW! I say that on an almost daily basis. At least the “I just want to get it done” part. So many times there is so much red-tape in the way that something that should take an hour, or even a few seconds, takes days or weeks instead. As in this case, he grabbed the cord from another pop-up and handed it to me. Had he gone “by the book” the cord would have had to have been shipped to me or I would have had to return to pick it up.

I loved his attitude and appreciated it. And often use it in my own job. But it was really interested that even in camper sales there is just too much red-tape.

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