Andrew Wolfe

16th Annual Mobile Wireless Competition Report

2011 was the first year that there were more connected devices than people in the United States


Skills used: HTML, CSS, jQuery, Jekyll, Highcharts.js

Every year the FCC is required, per section 332(c)(1)(C) of the Communciations Act, to report to Congress on the state of competition in the mobile services marketplace. Usually this is done in the form of a ~300 page PDF.

This year, for the first time ever, we decided to highlight some key, consumer focused, topics found in the report.

I built using Jekyll and Highcharts.js to build interactive graphs showing interesting and several important statistics found in the report:

  • 317,300,000 total connected devices in 2011
  • 97.8% rural broadband coverage
  • 55% of wireless subscribers own smartphones
  • 34% of adults live wireless-only
  • and more

This was my first ever attempt at a project like this. I learned the Highcharts.js library fairly quickly and even built the site to be responsive. We turned this project around in under 3 weeks … pretty good given the learning curve involved, and having to pick the data manually our of the PDF.

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